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The Itinerary

13 December 2006

Depart London Gatwick Airport for Dubai, UAE

Aircraft: A330-200

14 December 2006

Depart Dubai for Auckland, New Zealand via Melbourne

Aircraft: A340-500

15 December 2006 to 27 December 2006

Auckland, New Zealand

Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand

27 December 2006

Depart Auckland for Melbourne, Australia

Aircraft: A340-500

27 December 2006 to 2 January 2007

Melbourne, Australia

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

2 January 2007

Depart Melbourne for Perth, Western Australia

Aircraft: B747-300

3 January 2007

Depart Perth for Sydney via Nullarbor Plain

Train: The Indian Pacific Train

6 January 2007

Arrive in Sydney, New South Wales

6 January 2007 to 14 January 2007

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

14 January 2007

Depart Sydney for Dubai, UAE via Bangkok, Thailand

Aircraft: B777-300ER

15 January 2007

Depart Dubai for London Gatwick, United Kingdom

Aircraft: B777-300ER

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